Inflex® is a new creative digital workspace: powerful functional language (Haskell-inspired), rich data structures (no grid!), browser-based.

That’s the tagline.

The frank explanation is that Inflex is a project that I’ve been working on in my spare time, along with my partner, Giulia Costa, for 2 years. Progress is slow.

You can (for now) checkout our Twitter InflexHQ feed for screenshots, videos and updates.

There used to be a homepage on on a beefy Hetzner server, but that’s shut down now to cut expenses. Besides, I am moving away from the cloud towards a more user-empowering desktop experience.

We are no longer a SaaS!

I’ll expand on this in future updates. There will be a desktop program to download, more explanations, screenshots, etc.

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More to come soon! Check back later.

Technical nerd details

I’m attempting to get a static amd64 Linux build of Inflex working. I’ll be using sdl2 and x11 for the UI. This should be portable across all Linux distributions and, hopefully, should stand the test of time for e.g. 10 years.