Amelie: gets an update

The site had some database locking issues and the person hosting it has not been around to fix it for a long time. I thought the source code for the site was a bit big, so I thought it would be a neat project to write from scratch as a long screencast about writing a Haskell project from scratch, using Hackage libraries, etc.. I will post more about the screencast later once I am done. The project is called amelie.

Bryan O’Sullivan kindly pointed the domain to my new server. The service is also available under the domain

I plan on adding some niceties like hlint and the Context in IRC feature that used to support. I will add some trivial spam filters depending on the type and frequency of the spam recieved. I will also add an API pretty soon and an RSS feed. Once the spam’s sorted out we can properly bring back the hpaste bot into the IRC channel.

I also have an archive of all the old pastes from (there are 37,000 of them). I have already written an import script for this so I will get those imported sometime this week.

I recently had to switch my VPS host to a new one, it may be that tryhaskell will be a little twitchy. It seems okay though! Contact me at [email protected] if you experience problems.

(Yes, I did just re-use the design/colours from TryHaskell.)