Haskell News

As a consumer of Haskell content I neither have the time nor inclination to follow haskell-cafe and other various mailing lists, the reddits, the google+ community, planet haskell, hackage releases, twitter, youtube and whatever other submission places I haven’t heard of.

I wrote this to Haskell-Cafe four months ago. Only one person responded, which was Daniel Díaz Casanueva, the producer of Haskell Weekly News. Naturally this would be a great resource for him, as it would summarize everything of the past few days in one place.

Shortly after this post I went ahead and implemented Haskell News for which you can find the source code here on GitHub.

It has two views: grouped and mixed. Grouped lists all the items according to their source, and mixed lists everything in a flat stream. The mixed view polls for updates every ten minutes, so that users can leave it open in a tab a la Twitter. There is also an RSS feed, because I heard you like feeds, so I put a feed in your feed so you can subscribe while you subscribe.

The sources, as of writing, are:

I think this paints a fairly comprehensive picture of the Haskell community’s public activities. Certainly, if you want Haskell news, here is the best place online to go.

All the feeds are updated every ten minutes. All of the feeds are taken from RSS or Atom feeds, with the exception of three, which I scraped with tagsoup:

All feed items are stored in a database forever. There are currently 17k entries from 4 months of running. Feeds are unparseable for the feed library from time to time.