Pickling: The really obvious missing feature of all web browsers

Browsers already provide an excellent delivery mechanism for single page apps. Web apps already have a security model around accessing local files, microphones, webcams, etc. It’s better than anything on macOS, Windows or Linux and any phone’s App Store: you can just run an app instantly and anyone can publish.

The only thing browsers lack is the ability to freeze the page and cut off its internet access, so that the user can block auto-updates and spying. If a web page’s contents can be hashed and pinned, Nix-style, it can be tracked by a community and rated.

Why can’t I download an encryption app or a todo list app on my browser and just use it, without worrying about trust issues and needing an internet connection?

I’m surprised I haven’t seen this discussed at all anywhere. If you’re working on this please email me.