Haskell Home Page: Food for Thought

By Chris Done

Update: It seems that we are in agreement on the theme. I’ve begun a HaskellWiki page prescribing the brand, and guides of how to migrate or design existing sites in this theme.

There are points that need to be agreed upon by the community:

Palette & Theme

We used to have a palette of green and purple:

Now we have randomness:

Haskell sites have no consistent common palette or theme:


The target audience can be:

Our existing sites target:

Next steps

The next steps are:

Here is Bootstrap (which serves as a very good template for testing themes), re-themed with whatever I’ve been able to garner—which sopvop says is called Ocean—as being a theme (colors, some borders and heading font) from haskell.org:

Here is an icon font for Haskell.


The layout of the page is something that can come later and follow naturally from the two points outlined above.