Haskell site design

By Chris Done

Just messing about, here’s a Haskell.org design I whipped up.

I always thought Haskell deserved a simple, elegant home page. Unfortunately I can’t do either of those things very well, but that’s the idea.

I was thinking what the target market for Haskell.org is, and I think it’s people who have never heard of Haskell. Haskell programmers, as far as I’m aware, don’t go on Haskell.org directly. They go on the Wiki, or Hackage, and get updates via the mailing list.

But most programmers in the whole world have probably never heard of Haskell, or don’t know what it is. Most programmers I meet and talk to ask me what it is. So, Haskellers don’t actually visit the home page, or, at least, it doesn’t matter much what they see; Haskell.org is purely for newbies, fresh faces who have never seen Haskell, ever.

So I wondered about what I as a newbie like to see on a programming language home page, and what I came up with was:

Also good would be to put a list of sponsors and businesses using or backing that language (e.g. Galois, Well-Typed, Microsoft).

A list of projects using it would also be something I’d be interested in.

I also figured, if it’s basically an advertisement of the language, why not have it all spaced out and self-indulgent? It sort of says, we care about you using our language and we put effort into doing things right and being professional.

Anyway, the current home page does the job fine so it will probably stay like that forever until we switch technologies or something. I just like to experiment with designs. Back to programming in it!